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We know, nobody wants to discuss about their death, and it makes all of us uneasy. The fact is, all of us need to face the reality. If something will happen to you, your loved ones will be left in pain and sorrow, with extremely hard decisions to make.

Planning for your funeral can be difficult. Not only is the thought of the grief and stress on your loved ones painful, but the financial planning needed to secure your arrangements can often exhaust both you and the ones you hold dear.

How much does cremation cost?

“The average cost for cremation services are about $3000, and if you consider the cost of the memorial service, burial plot, an urn, or columbarium niche, the overall cost could be more than $10,000”

Now, it is important to understand that there are various plans available for you. For example, Prepaid Cremation is a plan where you can sign a contract with a crematory or a funeral home and pay your expenses now, and they will provide the cremation services at the time of death. It must be noted that there are many clauses and restrictions in the agreement, depending on the cremation house you choose, so make sure you read the entire document properly. If the option does not meet your needs, you can opt for a cremation insurance. Also, planning ahead will definitely help you find a plan that suits your needs and your budget. Moreover, it will offer you a complete peace of your mind knowing that all your expenses will be covered.

Cremation Insurance in Ontario can help you cover the expenses; however, it is really important to understand the planning process as well as understand the various aspects you need to know about cremation insurance in Canada.

When making the decision about burial, it is good to weigh all your options with your family. By definition, cremation is the disposal of someone’s remains by burning them. These remains can later be placed in an urn or honored at a memorial, depending on the funeral service plan. A little-known fact is that cremation is the most popular funeral type in Canada’s modern society. Around 65% of Canadians and their families choose cremation for their funeral plan. Additionally, cremation in Ontario has special benefits for the deceased. In certain parts of Canada (including Ontario), the funeral service provides body transfer from place of death. Not only does this benefit families and provide convenience, but it also promises delivery of the ashes to a crematorium or another place of remembrance. This special service is called “direction disposition”. This service is intended to be easier and low-cost to your family in their time of need. You can read more specific information about cremation below.

The process of cremation

There are several steps that need to be taken in advance before a person can be cremated. Before any cremation plans can go underway, there are some legal documents of approval that must be signed. They can be signed by either the deceased while they are living, or by a close relative. These documents give the consent that the body is to be cremated rather than disposed in a traditional burial and gives the funeral service permission to proceed with the funeral plans.

After consent has been given by these documents, metal devices such as pacemakers are removed from the body and the body is prepared. Metal objects must be removed due to the chance of danger with metal objects located within the body. This procedure is usually harmless to the remains. Then, the deceased is placed in a cardboard or wood container (similar to a casket). Finally, they are placed into a cremation chamber. This process takes several hours, and reduces the remains to a powder-like substances. Then, those are transferred to an urn or container and given to the family.

What is the importance of having a cremation insurance plan?

While making decisions about your funeral can be hard for many reasons, it can also provide the benefit of preventing your family and friends from stress. Saving them from the amount of additional costs and the hard decision of figuring out what to do following your passing will help take off lots of emotional weight from their shoulders. With Final Expense Ontario, you can choose an insurance plan that will give financial protection, as well as peace of mind for yourself and loved ones.

Cremation could be quite expensive!

It’s a common misconception that cremation is significantly cheaper than traditional burials. While cremation can often cost less than a traditional burial, they still can be somewhat expensive depending on the kind of memorial service provided to them. A simple cremation in Canada can cost anywhere between $600 and $3000, however more elaborate services (such as flowers, viewings, reservations at a chapel) can be around $4500 or more. These numbers aren’t even including the prices for a special urn, vault, or burial plot, which can add additional charges of $5000 to your service. Final Expense Ontario understands these expenses from our years of experience and can help you cover this cost with our extensive cremation insurance plan provided by major insurance companies in Canada.

Working with us means developing a plan that benefits you in the best ways possible. Final Expense Ontario is determined to work with you and suit your every need. Our licensed expert insurance advisors will make sure to offer a variety of cremation insurance policies from top insurance carriers, as well as provide flexible coverage to fit your any and all your decision-making. Low premium costs combined with helpful, caring communication shapes Final Expense Ontario to be the best insurance broker for cremation insurance in Ontario.

Have any questions, comments, or concerns?

If you’re interested in learning more about Final Expense Ontario and cremation insurance, please contact us today and we will be glad to assist. Forms are always available for you to fill out no matter the day of the week and we’d be delighted to get more involved with you and your decision-making process. In fact, we’ll help you calculate an estimated cost of your cremation completely free. The costs of your cremation can be long taken care of with cremation insurance, making sure to grant your family a feeling of relief during hard times.

We guarantee minimal stress levels as well as dignity and control over your specific wishes. Claims are processed within a fast and reasonable time. All of these qualities and benefits are guaranteed to make your passing as stress-free as possible. Simply put, Final Expense Ontario cares about making your major life event peaceful and without unnecessary complications bogging you or your family down.

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Most cremation insurance plans range from 5,000 to 20,000 dollars in coverage. A licensed insurance broker can work for you to ensure that you get the best cremation insurance deal possible.

Don’t leave your family with unexpected expenses when you die. Taking care of your own cremation can be the last gift you will give.

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