Burial Insurance
This Could Be The Last
Gift You Can Give
Burial Insurance

Insurance for Burial can help you to take care of

  • Burial Costs
  • Any debts or mortgages that will need to be paid off
  • Any taxes you might owe

A licensed insurance advisor will explain all your insurance options. Depending on your age, health and the amount of life insurance you need, there are many insurance options that will give you peace of mind knowing your burial costs will be covered.

Don’t leave your loved ones with unexpected expenses when you die. Burial insurance can be the last gift you will give.

What is Burial Insurance?

Burial Insurance is an easy way to help you pre-plan for your burial expenses so your family doesn’t have to. Whether your needs are modest or not, this burial life insurance is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to guarantee protection where it’s needed.

This plan is offered direct to you, with no health questions, no medical exam, and no exclusions standing between you and your coverage.

Why Do I Need Insurance for Burial?

The decision to buy life insurance for burial is often a personal one, and not one most people always feel comfortable talking about. Nonetheless, burial life insurance remains a useful tool to help your family manage your burial costs something that is extraordinarily difficult when dealing with a death in the family.

The burial life insurance is paid tax-free, directly to whomever you choose. That way, you can ensure that every dollar of what you set aside is going where it can help the most. Final bills, burial expenses, and other costs that arise following a death can be covered on your family’s behalf, leaving them with no question that your burial expenses are taken care of.

Key Benefits

  • Guaranteed Approval
    Under the Final Expense Plan: your acceptance is guaranteed! No waiting around for medical tests or follow up with an insurer. If you meet the age, you are already qualified for coverage.
  • Tax-free Benefits
    Choose your beneficiaries and rest easy that not a dollar of coverage will go to waste on your behalf. Your family always has the assurance that all benefits under this plan are paid tax-free.
  • 30-Day Review Period
    If at any point, in the first 30 days, you feel the Final Expense Plan isn’t for you, you can cancel with no obligation and receive a full refund of your premiums paid.
  • No medical, No questions
    This plan is designed for individuals with past health issues or a history of difficulty getting insurance. Even if other insurers have said you’re too risky to insure, you’re still eligible for the Final Expense Plan, with no tests or health questions needed.
  • Instant Issue
    When you sign up for the Final Expense Plan online, your policy will be instantly issued and emailed to you. Most insurance policies can take up to two months to be approved – Usually your policy is issued within the hour!

How much does a burial cost these days?

The cost of burial can start from $5,000 for a very basic one, on average a burial cost can be $15,000 and higher. It all depends on the wishes of the individual and family. Burial costs may vary across the country.

From transportation, services, burial arrangements, a cemetery property, to caskets, stones, etc. the cost can fluctuate substantially and should be taken into consideration. During such a difficult time, having these expenses covered could lessen the burden on family members. There may also be estate, financial and administrative matters that will need to be looked after. Having all paperwork in order and copies provided to whomever will be responsible will help them.

There may also be bills to cover or taxes to pay that were not expected. The last thing anyone would want is to leave any outstanding debts that need to be covered without the funds put aside. Establish your final arrangements. And though it may not be an easy conversation it is something which should be discussed, so make your last wishes known by holding a family meeting. Prearranging your burial or memorial service can help lessen the load on bereaved loved ones when they may be unable to think clearly.

From estate taxes, burial ​costs, outstanding debts or perhaps leaving an amount to your favourite charity, having a life insurance policy for burial in place can help cover these expenses. Taking care of any anticipated costs beforehand by pre-planning is a loving and thoughtful gesture to those you leave behind.


  • The applicant is between the ages of 18 and 80, and;

There are no medical exams to qualify for this plan, and your benefits cannot be denied due to health reasons if you meet the above criteria.

That means you will have guaranteed coverage, even if:

  • You have health issues that other insurers would consider “uninsurable”;
  • You have been denied in the past for any kind of life insurance or other insurance plans;
  • You have risk factors in your life (obesity, smoking) that would make finding insurance difficult;
  • You are a newly-landed resident of Canada. No SIN or prove of Canadian citizenship is required to qualify.

Contact Final Expense Ontario’s insurance advisor today to start working on your Burial Insurance plan.

Final Expense Ontario is here to help you find accommodating Burial Insurance policies. We help you make your decision with total peace of mind. Call now for a no obligation free consultation 1-800-593-1817 or Get Quote

Most burial insurance plans range from 5,000 to 50,000 dollars in coverage. A licensed insurance advisor can work for you to ensure that you get the best burial insurance plan.

Don’t leave your family with unexpected expenses when you die. Taking care of your own burial can be the last gift you will give.

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